Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Vital Breath of the Dao

Living with the Heavenly Thread

  • ISBN: 9781848193833
  • 2nd. ed. 2021, 192 pages


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This new edition of Vital Breath of the Dao by Master Zhongxian Wu immerses readers in Daoist philosophy and its impact on life, and is a fully illustrated guide to Qigong, a type of physical and mental cultivation and a way of life.

The book contains the historical background, practical application, underlying principles, and techniques of Daoist cultivation practices to strengthen health and intensify spiritual connection to universal energy. Lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu introduces the powerful methods of qigong and inner alchemy through narration and a wealth of practical examples, deepening his exposition of Daoist philosophy with previously unknown personal stories.



Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Zhongxian Wu (Master Wu)

Master Zhongxian was born in in the city of Wenling in Zhejiang Province. Master Wu practiced Qigong and Taiji when he was a little boy. Since 1972 Master Wu has devoted himself to the study of classical Chinese arts – Qigong/Neigong, Taiji, internal martial arts, Chinese medicine, Chinese astrology, Chinese…

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