Achim Eckert

Acht Wundermeridiane

Psychische und physische Funktionen der außerordentlichen Gefäße

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  • 2006, 362 Seiten


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Daniel Lieberman shows in his book The Story of the Human Body how we need to change our world to fit our hunter-gatherer bodies. A book of
popular science explaines how the way we use our bodies is wrong. What most people have done for millions of years and defined as normal, you walk and run 9-15 kilometers a day to hunt and gather your food. High in fibre, low in sugar, barely processed. Our lifestyle of the 21 st-century is, so argues Daniel Lieberman, out o synch with our bodies. We’ve never been so healthy and durable – but we’ve never been, even so prone to problems that until recently were rare or unknown, from asthma to diabetes, to the most formidable of all residents. The Story of the Human Body asks how our bodies got to be the way they are, and considers how that evolutionary history – both ancient and recent – can help us evaluate how we use our bodies. How is the present-day state of the human body related to the past? And what is the human body’s future?


Achim Eckert

Achim Eckert

Dr. Achim Eckert erhielt das Akupunktur-Diplom des International College of Acupuncture, Schweiz 1979. Seine Ausbildung in traditioneller und moderner chinesischer Medizin erhielt er am Colombo South Hospital, Sri Lanka, er ist Mitglied des International College of Acupuncture und der Sri Lanka Acupuncture Society. Weiterhin ausgebildet in klassischer und intuitiver Massage,…

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