Jonathan Shubs

Suns Seasons Of Channels

An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Medical Theory and

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon
  • ISBN: 9781787759022
  • 2021, 208 pages


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This is a creative, entry-level book on Chinese medicine theory, philosophy, and concepts told in an accessible, story-telling format in the context of a child visiting their grandparents over the summer and having lessons over afternoon tea. It presents the theory of Yin/Yang, the five elements, the Chinese Biorhythm Clock and the placement of the channels with a logical explanation in a narrative style. With a dialectic approach, it not only aids Chinese medicine students in understanding the Classical texts, but also nudges students away from memorising information and towards a deeper understanding of the channels and relevant theories.


Jonathan Shubs

Jonathan Shubs

is a Naturopathic practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (Swiss), Ac. Dipl. TCM-FVS, FNMTC, NVS, EMR, ASCA A graduaate of Shao Yang Institute, Jonathan has been in private practice in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2006.  To refine his skills and explore further methods, he studied extensively with Dr, Richard Tan and received the Balance Method Gold level practitioner status in 2014.  In 2012 he published his first article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine titled Foundations of Meridian Theory. This article was the foundation of his Unified Acupuncture Theory which he has developed into a complete system for understand the channels and their interactions. He is a teacher at the Chiway Academy in Winterthur, Switzerland and also teaches his Unified Acupuncture Theory system worldwide. He is about to release a book in 2022 titled “Sun’s Season of Channels” which is an introduction to Chinese medical thought and channel systems. is main focus centers on integrative acupuncture where he joins different styles and theories to create a coherent and logical approach to diagnosis and treatment.

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