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Welcoming Food, Book 1

Energetics of Food and Healing

  • Verlag: Ann Cecil-Sterman
  • ISBN: 9780983772095
  • 2020, 220 pages


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The first book, Welcoming Food, offers a step-by-step tour of digestion and how food is used to maintain or restore optimal health. Thoughtfully drawing from the best of modern research and the exquisitely detailed nutritional teachings of classical Chinese medicine, Welcoming Food explains in common sense how food works and provides easy-to-understand recipes for appetizers, soups, cereals, vegetables, fish, meat, breakfast, desserts, sauces and spices. Welcoming Food is for everyone, a comprehensive guide to putting the wisdom of food into delicious daily practice.



Ann Cecil-Sterman

Ann Cecil-Sterman

Ann Cecil-Sterman, MS, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist, teacher, author, artist and musician. She has written two books: Advanced Acupuncture, a Clinical Manual, Tendon Protocols, Luo, Divergent and Eight Exceptional Channels, and The Art of Pulse Diagnosis, and has lectured on the application and methodology of complement channels, the art of…

Andrew Sterman

Andrew Sterman

Andrew Sterman’s dietary work is an integration of Chinese medicine and modern cooking. Andrew teaches cooking for health in classes and private sessions throughout North America, Europe and Australia, and his articles and online Food Chats have introduced classical food energetics to a widening circle of health professionals and food lovers. As a musician and composer heard on film scores, recordings, live theater and concert stages around the world, Andrew has had unique opportunities to learn from chefs and family cooks of many cultures. This integration of traditional food wisdom collected from decades of traveling along with three decades of careful study of Chinese medicine informs his special way of incorporating food and healing into daily cooking routines. Andrew lives in Manhattan with his wife, acupuncturist and author Ann Cecil-Sterman, and their two children.

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