Dennis Willmont

5 Phase Essential Oils

Modular System

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  • ISBN: 9780974125787
  • 2010, 8 pages Chart booklet


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The new ‘Five Phase Modular System’ shows how to use the integration of the Five Phases and Functional Categories of the Eight Principles of this complete system in a more simple way to achieve Body/Mind/Spirit unity.
The Five Phase Modular System outlines three stages of learning:
The Qi level
The Spirit level
The Functional Category level

Each level uses only three essential oils representing Yin, Yang, and Balance for each category instead of the dozens of essential oils discussed in the more complex textbook. Such a simplification allows the practitioner/student to ease into the system and grow comfortable step by step. Mastery of the basic level easily leads into the intermediate level, mastery of the intermediate level easily leads into the advanced, which then prepares you for the professional level presented in the textbook.
The second page of the booklet categorizes the Five Phases according to Direction, Color, Action, Season, Planet, Climate, Virtue, Spirit, Emotion, Expression, Dream, Injurious Activity, Body Fluid, Taste, Tissue/Orifice, Organs, and Essential Oils. These correspondences are derived from Dennis’s completed, but yet-to-be-published, text on the Five Phases and Twelve Organs of Acupuncture in which he translates these ideas directly from the Chinese Classics. Dennis’ translation methodology leaves no doubt as to what these Classics really meant so you can be free to creatively interpret them in the clinic without risking mis-interpretation.
The third page highlights how and why the Yin, Yang, and Balanced Essential oils correspond to the Qi and Spirit level of each of the Five Phases.

The fourth and fifth pages fit together in the centerfold of the booklet to illuminate how the Qi and Spirit levels of the Five Phases integrate with the Functional Categories. These are simply Yin-Yang variations found within the Five Phases. Examples include Yin Deficiency, Yang Deficiency, Blood Deficiency, Excess Fire, Excess Damp, and Excess Phlegm. The charts on these two pages outline the main indications, essential oils, and psycho-emotional presentations of each category.
The sixth page lists the essential oils generally used for each of the Functional Categories as well as for their Five Phase variations. In addition, this page clarifies how essential oils corresponding to one Phase can sometimes be used to treat Phase or Category imbalance in a Phase different to the one in which the oil belongs.
The last two pages in this booklet list all 52 essential oils used in this modular system and indicates the Phase to which they belong as well as the Functional Categories with which they are associated.
In all, this simple, good-looking, and durable booklet features everything you need to know to get started in applying essential oils with a Chinese Medical framework and continue this application through all the necessary levels to mastery. Use it on its own to use essential oils with a Chinese Medical framework. Use it in conjunction with ‘Natural Healing with Essential Oils’ for a more complete understanding.
Dennis Willmont has been practicing acupuncture, Taijiquan and Daoist meditation over thirty years. In the early 1980s, Mr. Willmont created and directed the first professional program of Shiatsu and Acupressure Therapy in North America. His unique blend of scholarship and intuition has led to the formation of a multi-volume series on the energetics and Body/Mind/Spirit connection in ancient acupuncture. Dennis uses natural foods, essential oils, and Chinese herbs in his acupuncture practice in Marshfield, Massachusetts.


Dennis Willmont

Dennis Willmont

Dennis Willmont has been practicing shiatsu, acupressure, Taijiquan, and Daoist meditation since 1971 and acupuncture since 1976. In 1969 Dennis received his bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During this period, he took a philosophy course in Comparative Religion and was exposed…

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