Joan Duveen

Applying Stems and Branches Acupuncture in Clinical Practice

Dynamic Dualities in Classical Chinese Medicine

  • Verlag: Singing Dragon
  • ISBN: 9781787753709
  • 2022, 464 pages


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Classical acupuncture according to the philosophy of the heavenly stems and earthly branches uses the fundamental, cyclical rhythms of nature and life as the basis for health and development. This book is one of the first of its kind in the Western world to offer a practical and scientific approach to applying this philosophy to clinical practice.
This manual takes the practitioner on a journey to a better understanding of the self and provides the theoretical background to safely diagnose and treat patients. It provides invaluable insight into the application of Chinese philosophy, psychology and pulse diagnosis.

Tae Hunn Lee writes in the foreword of the book:

“The book is rooted in a truly alive tradition and a philosophy that can reach and enrich every aspect of our being and life. It may lead to freedom, not in the sense of being able to do what we desire, but freedom to be who we really are and from there engage with fellow human beings and life with joy, love and respect and use this understanding to treat patients who seek us out for help and support.”


Joan Duveen

Joan Duveen

Joan Duveen started studying Chinese medicine in 1978. Graduated from the Dutch Society for Acupuncture, Holland in 1982, he became B.Ac in 1986 and M.Ac in 1991 at ICOM Holland and England. He was a regular staff member at the International College of Oriental Medicine UK for 16 years, teaching…

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