Yuning Wu | Celine Leonard | Michael Haeberle

Female Infertility & Reproductive Gynaecology

A comprehensive clinical manual of integrated Chinese Medicine

  • Verlag: Journal of Chinese Medicine
  • ISBN: 9780955909658
  • 2019, 457 pages


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This clinical manual is the most comprehensive and detailed book on the treatment of female infertility and reproductive gynaecology available in the English language. Its team of authors is led by Dr. Yuning Wu – a master of both traditional Chinese medicine and modern biomedicine. The Chinese medicine content is rooted in precise disease and pattern differentiation and the herbal prescriptions and modifications are based on a profound understanding of the materia medica and decades of clinical experience. Acupuncture prescriptions are also provided according to pattern. At the same time, a cutting-edge account of current biomedical diagnosis and treatment enables practitioners to assess the prognosis and best treatment for their patients and communicate effectively with all other infertility specialists. The theory is illustrated by numerous case histories.


Michael Haeberle

Michael Haeberle

Dr. Michael Häberle was born in Germany in 1958 and studied human medicine in Berlin and Paris. He worked for over 18 years in the cantonal hospital in Baden, most recently as a senior physician. For five years, Häberle has worked in the joint practice GYN A.R.T. (Gynaecology and Assisted…

Celine Leonard

Celine Leonard

Dr. Celine Leonard is both an acupuncturist and herbalist. She has a PhD in English Literature which she received at the University of California, Santa Cruz, US in 1984. She graduated in acupuncture in 1987 and in herbalism in 1998. Since then she has worked continuously in the practice and…

Yuning Wu

Yuning Wu

Prof. Wu is a master of both traditional Chinese  medicine and modern biomedicine.

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