Clare Pyers

Integrative TCM Guide Pathology

Interpreting blood tests in a Chinese Medicine framework

  • Verlag: Pyers
  • ISBN: 9781925513004
  • 2016, 245 pages


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Integrative TCM Guide to Pathology, written by the industry´s leading expert on the topic: Clare Pyers, is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of analyzing blood test results in a Chinese medicine framework. The clinically relevant information in this book is described in a level of detail never previously seen in an English language textbook.

The information contained in this book will assist the reader to interpret blood test results into a Chinese medicine framework. Laid out in an easy to read, concise format, each test is analysed and described in detail.

Key Information Covered:

  • Both ideal and absence of disease reference ranges
  • What each test is investigating and the circumstances under which it might be tested
  • Conventional medicine understanding of the compound being tested, and health conditions associated with abnormal levels
  • Functional medicine viewpoint of the compound being tested and the physiological functions that are disrupted with abnormal or non-ideal test results
  • Chinese medicine interpretation according to the signs and symptoms of disharmony, and using the functional medicine approach to forge the link between the two paradigms.

Clinical outcomes after implementing this information:

Objectively refine, review and measure the effectiveness of treatment approach

  • Use reference ranges that show a deviation from optimal health rather than only the presence or lack of disease
  • Know the patterns of disharmony associated with sub-optimal blood test results and be able to implement treatments with confidence



Clare Pyers

Clare Pyers

Clare has worked in the health industry since 2001 in both mainstream and natural medicine settings. She has a broad educational background including Chemical Engineering, Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Yoga. Clare integrates all her previous knowledge and experience to offer you an in-depth assessment of what you need to…

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