J. Lyttleton

Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine

Forewords by Steven Clavey and Gavin Sacks.

  • Verlag: Elsevier
  • ISBN: 9780702031762
  • 2013, 520 pages


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The second edition of this popular text systematically addresses all aspects of treatment of infertility using Chinese medicine.
Clinically focused and with a new easy-to-navigate design, the book begins by covering all the essential fundamentals you will need to understand and treat infertility, before going on to look at what Chinese medicine offers in the way of treatment for functional infertility in men and women, gynecological disorders which contribute to infertility and relevant lifestyle factors.
Jane Lyttleton importantly devotes a large part of the book to discussing ways in which Chinese medicine and Western medicine might work together to overcome infertility, and details the increased experience over the past decade in working with IVF patients and their specialists. Leaps forward have also been made in the understanding of conditions such as Polycystic ovarian syndrome and immune infertility.

New Features:
· Greatly expanded section on the place of Chinese medicine and IVF in treatment of infertility
· New information on Polycystic ovarian disease and immune infertility and how Chinese medicine approaches their treatment
· Updated and balanced advice on pre-conception care
· Clinically focused, with easy-to-navigate design


J. Lyttleton

J. Lyttleton

Jane Lyttleton began her studies in science in New Zealand and then London with doctoral studies in genetics before succumbing to the siren song of Chinese medicine. She is the author of Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine (Elsevier) and is in great demand world wide as a lecturer. She…