New TCM-Videocenter naturmed (English version)

New TCM-Videocenter naturmed (English version)

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Many of our customers use our Video Center (VC). But more content and more users mean that we have to constantly adapt our video center to changing conditions. Therefore it became necessary to move the video center. We are currently adding your videos to your user account so that you can view all your videos under one user account.

The advantages of the new video center:

  1. A separate navigation area for all TCM videos
  2. All your videos and books can now be viewed together in your personal account. You don’t need to login to the previous Video Center page to view the videos. Now you only have to login once to the site (no longer to the video center site) and can view all your videos in your account under „Online Videos“.
  3. Scroll forwards and backwards without waiting time
  4. Improved usage with mobile devices
  5. Additional suggestions for books or videos that fit the topic you’ve chosen
  6. Even more information on authors and speakers

How do you get the videos you bought so far into your customer account?

Videos purchased BEFORE February 20, 2018:

Online videos purchased before February 20, 2018 must be moved manually. We will add the videos you purchased to your user account. This should be done by 30.9.19 at the latest. You can find your videos under „My Account“ under the subitem „Online Videos“. If this is not the case, please contact us and we will add them manually.

Videos purchased AFTER February 20, 2018:

If you purchased an online video after February 20, 2018, your videos have already been automatically added to your naturmed account. You can find your videos under „My Account“ under the submenu „Online Videos“. If this is not the case, please contact us and we will add them manually.

It’s that easy to watch your online video(s):

Please go to
You will find „My Account“ above the shopping cart at the top right of the homepage. Click on „My Account“ and log in with your access data.

  1. A new page appears. On the left side you will find a menu. Click Online Videos.
  2. Select your video and click on „Show product“.
  3. Now you can click in the middle of the video to start or select individual parts of the video individually via the boxes below the large viewing window.
  4. Individual parts of the video are individually selectable.

Have fun with our naturmed video center. If you have any questions please contact us: +49(0)89-7499156

By the way: You will find over 500 TCM videos for therapists with hundreds of treatment examples.


Spezialist für Fachbücher aus Akupunktur, Traditioneller Chinesischer Medizin, Qigong, Naturheilverfahren, Homöopathie und Physiotherapie. Jährlich auf vielen, wichtigen Kongressen wie der TCM-Kongress in Rothenburg, dem ASA-Kongress und dem Tao-Kongress in Österreich vertreten.