Rose-K. | Zhang Yu Huan

A Brief History of QI


  • ISBN: 9783912111637
  • 2002, 202 pages


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A Brief History of Qi takes the reader through the mysterious terrain of Chinese Medicine, Chinese language, Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong – a truly evocative guide to virtually all the traditional Chinese arts and sciences.
This book is devoted to a topic represented by a single Chinese character, Qi. When presented with the concept of Qi, students of Chinese culture, Chinese medicine, Chinese martial arts and a wide range of Chinese traditional arts and sciences face one of the most perplexing challenges of their tenure. The book begins with an examination of Qi’s linguistic and literary roots, stretching back through the shadowy mists of Chinese pre-civilisation. The authors then trace the development of the concept of Qi through a number of related traditional Chinese disciplines including painting, poetry, medicine and martial arts.
The book concludes with an examination of the depth and breadth of Qi as manifested in life’s cycles.