Other diseases

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Books about other diseases

TCM books on other diseases that could not be attributed to the above areas, such as sexual disorders, diabetes, addictions, geriatrics, autoimmune diseases and others.

Giovanni Maciocia’s book The Practice of Chinese Medicine describes the use of TCM for more than 48 diseases. Multiple case studies deepen the knowledge. Memorable graphics, tables and illustrations facilitate understanding of diagnosis and therapy. Each chapter contains: Etiology and Pathology, Differential Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Selection of Treatments with Acupuncture and Herbs with Explanations, Summary of Western Differential Diagnosis, Discussion of Prognosis, Prevention, Review of Modern Chinese Literature.

Here you can also find a book on opthalmology or sports acupuncture. These books contents treatment examples on a variety of diseases how they occur in every TCM practice around the world. Check out here topics like rejuvenation, eye acupuncture, autoimmune diseases like lupus and many others. You might find also the series of Sionneau, Treatment of diseases Volume 1-7 with a great collection of treatments and symptoms interesting.