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Books on Qigong basics

The work of the therapists requires a high energy potential.

These Qigong Basic Books contain a multitude of meditative breathing and movement exercises that have been firmly anchored in Chinese society and culture for thousands of years. Qigong for therapists by Elleberger shows that working in the practice demands a high ability of concentration and communication from the therapist, but at the same time the ability to differentiate oneself from the patient. In short, it requires a high energy potential.

What does the success of the therapy depend on?

The success of the therapy also depends on the energetic level that the therapist can offer his patient. This book shows how one’s own energy level can be strengthened with simple measures. Body posture, movement sequences, breathing technique, awareness and imagination play an important role in communication. The interaction with the patient also depends on a good positioning as well as the appropriate positioning to the patient. Easy to perform exercises make it possible to regenerate between two treatments and rebuild one’s own Qi.

Exercises : Not only a helping support for the therapy success!

Sometimes it is important to protect one’s own Qi and to release negative energies. All measures and exercises are easy and quick to learn. Numerous illustrations and illustrated movement sequences help in this. The exercises can be easily integrated into everyday practice and support not only the success of therapy, but also one’s own performance and regenerative ability.

Fields of application of the Qi-Gong

The second edition has been thoroughly revised and, especially in the basic section, considerably expanded.

Also the exercise part was completed. Guide Qigong by Engelhardt, Hildenbrand and Zumfelde-Hüneburg is now available in a new edition, with a variety of Qigong exercises. In this new Qigong Guide you will find numerous areas of application for Qigong for complaints, such as

  • respiratory illnesses
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • digestive problems
  • pregnancy
  • paediatrics
  • world of work
  • medicine
  • psychotherapy
  • Geriatrics and numerous other clinical pictures.

Besides a complete revision you will find further novelties in the 2nd edition of the Qigong guide: Qigong for eye diseases, Qigong for tinnitus, Qigong for musicians and singers, the chapter Qigong in the psychosocial care of cancer patients has been revised, further current studies on the effectiveness of Qigong.

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In addition, you will find the latest studies on the effectiveness of Qigong. In addition, many well-known and frequently used Qigong exercises and more than 300 illustrations are presented. An important companion for TCM therapists as well as for anyone who practices Qigong.