TCM books about orthopedy, rheumatism and pain management

The world of orthopaedics and rheumatism

TCM books for orthopaedics, rheumatism and pain therapy – whether with acupuncture or Chinese herbs, e.g. Bachmann, Chinese medicine in orthopaedics. Diagnostics and therapy of orthopaedic diseases from a western medical point of view and from the point of view of TCM including physical therapeutic procedures are presented. A clear description of the acupuncture points relevant for the various symptoms, their localisation and their relation to anatomically relevant structures Further therapeutic measures (tuina and phytotherapy) cover most orthopaedic questions comprehensively and practice-oriented. Chinese Medicine in Orthopaedics by Bachmann, is a print-on-demand book. Therefore, longer delivery times may occur if these books have to be ordered and printed.

Important acupuncture points in orthopaedics

The book by Opitz offers important acupuncture points in orthopedics. In a condensed form you get an overview of the function, indication and effect of the acupuncture points. From elbow pain and sciatica to cervical and lumbar spine syndrome. In the beginning you will find ear acupuncture points according to Nogier and Bahr. These were recorded according to the body acupuncture points. The projections of the body points and their meridians are juxtaposed.

Bi-Syndrome: A closure in the body

Online video rheumatism in Chinese medicine from Kubiena, she explains that bi-syndromes are a closure in the body and always 3 factors such as wind, cold and moisture must be present. In particular the rheumatism tables Bi syndromes are described. It explains vividly which points and techniques are used with the cervical syndrome. Mrs. Kubiena names Tonisierungs and Sedierungstechniken and describes their respective application. Furthermore, she shows us the most important acupuncture points and how they are easiest to find.

Main points, nutrition tips and much more

The main points used in cervical syndrome, shoulder and elbow problems, as well as wrist and ankle joint problems and their effects are mentioned. She explains that in the case of acute back problems a medial needling (Du Mai) should be used and in the case of chronic problems points of the external bladder branch should be used. Practical applications of ear acupuncture and OAP in general are also shown. Mrs. Kubiena gives valuable nutritional tips, as well as phytotherapeutic recommendations.

What you can contribute to a young and healthy “I”

The lecture is very informative and descriptive and shows how to treat rheumatic diseases effectively. At least in terms of appearance, Chinese people in the 60s and 70s usually appear younger than we do. However, this only applies to those who do not have to work physically hard in the countryside. Super tricks include avoiding exposure to the sun and the right diet depending on the type of constitution and current physical condition. What you can personally contribute to staying young, healthy and smart, you will learn in this workshop (with samples).