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View All 1–12 of 326

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Reference books, DVDs and online videos on acupuncture

Acupuncture is an incredibly broad field of application of TCM. You will find several hundreds of acupuncture books and videos here. To help you find your way better and faster, we have divided this huge selection into different subcategories. In these subcategories you will find:

  • Books about acupressure
  • Acupuncture atlases
  • Laser acupuncture books
  • Books about cupping
  • Books about Aku-Taping and
  • Books about Tung´s acupuncture.

just to name a few. You will also find some videos on many of these topics.

Here are some examples:

Education books for Acupuncture

If you are in training, you need to learn the basics of acupuncture points (Acupuncture Atlas) to learn point localization. This includes primarily acupuncture books such as Deadman’s manual acupuncture perfect to study meridians and pathways.

Acupuncture books on meridian theory also provide an important approach to understanding acupuncture points and organ relationships. In recent years, meridian therapy by Wang ju yi and Jason Robertson has been in great demand. Jason Robertson often gives seminars on meridian therapy in Europe. You can find the dates in our acupuncture seminar calendar.
Ear acupuncture, acupressure or Japanese acupuncture according to Yamamoto or Matsumoto and Euler. Here you will find all currents of acupuncture.

With increasing acupuncture practice, marginal areas such as Aku-Taping, Acupressure, Cupping, Gua Sha or Moxibustion are gradually opened up. The balance method (Tung-style acupuncture by Sulistyo/Ross and Mccann) and Japanese acupuncture (e.g. by Matsumoto/Euler) are extremely effective for pain acupuncture. There are many special segments like hand, mouth or skull acupuncture. These can be found in the body acupuncture section.

Acupuncture in practice – looking over the shoulder of professionals

If you are already a professional, you will also be interested in our TCM video centre. With more than 500 congress videos (all in English language) from renowned experts recorded from the leading international acupuncture and TCM congresses, such as the TCM Congress in Rothenburg, ASA Congress, TCM Congress in Denmark, Tao Congress, SMS Congress and others. Profit from their experience in the treatment of hundreds of diseases with TCM and acupuncture. You can select your area of interest via your own website ( You can see the first 5 minutes for free.