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Books on cancer treatment with Chinese medicine

This is how you can optimize your health with simple means

Books on treatment of cancer and tumors with TCM often describe the integration of multiple therapies, such as Lahan´s Integrating Conventional and Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care. Nutrition according to the five elements of Auerbach is based on thousands of years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is increasingly being used as a supplement to modern cancer therapies. All, which want to optimize during a cancer illness with simple means actively the own health, find helpful pieces of advice for cancer patients in this book.

This is how 5-element nutrition contributes to your recovery

Each food is classified according to TCM and can be used individually according to symptoms and Chinese diagnostics. The numerous illustrated recipes are easy to follow. Through a consistent diet according to TCM, quality of life and healing success can often be decisively improved. Written for complementary physicians, oncologists, nutritionists, internists, general practitioners, keywords: 5 elements nutrition, 5 elements nutrition, complementary medicine, cancer, naturopathic treatment, oncology, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Free of side effects: The wish of many patients

Accompanying treatment of breast cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by Barbara Kirschbaum is an important contribution to the accompanying treatment of breast cancer with school and Chinese medicine. Every tenth woman suffers from breast cancer. Modern cancer therapies, no matter whether surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, antibody and possibly

Anti-hormone therapy often has unwanted side effects. With the desire to be rid of these side effects, the patients come to the practices for Chinese medicine.

Learn how you can prevent side effects

Therefore, the fourth volume of the practice series was dedicated to the concomitant treatment of breast cancer. In this book you will learn how frequent side effects of classical breast cancer therapy can be treated and greatly alleviated with Chinese medicine. The author deals thereby purposefully with the effectiveness of frequently used Chemotherapeutika from view of the Chinese medicine. On the basis of detailed treatment protocols typical symptoms and clinical signs are introduced, therapy strategies are discussed and their conversion with acupuncture and Chinese prescriptions are comprehensibly explained.

How Chinese medicine can sustainably improve conventional cancer therapy

In addition, you will find the most important acupuncture points, point combinations, Chinese medicinal herbs and medicinal mushrooms used in the treatment of cancer, as well as numerous practical examples, tips and references to current studies. Due to her extensive TCM experience, but also due to her intensive work with cancer patients, Barbara Kirschbaum describes in this practice book how you can accompany a conventional cancer therapy with Chinese medicine and how you can improve the situation for your patients sustainably. Oncology patients can also be treated well with herbs from Chinese medicine. A good book on this subject is Tierra, Treating Cancer with Herbs.