Books on cancer treatment with Chinese medicine

Books about cancer treatment and treatment of tumors with TCM often describe the integration of multiple therapies, such as Lahan’s Integrating Conventional and Chinese Medicine into Cancer Care.
Nutrition based on the five elements of Auerbach is based on the millennium-old experience of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is increasingly used as a supplement to modern cancer therapies. Anyone who wants to actively improve their own health during a cancerous disease can find helpful advice for cancer patients in this book. Each food is classified according to TCM and can be used individually according to symptoms and Chinese diagnostics. The numerous illustrated recipes are easy to boil. By a consistent diet according to TCM, quality of life and healing success can often be decisively improved. Written for Complementary Physicians, Oncologists, Nutritionists, Internal Medicine, General Practitioners, Keyword (s): 5 Elements Nutrition, Nutrition After 5 Elements, Complementary Medicine, Cancer, Natural Remedies, Oncology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
One in ten women is suffering from breast cancer. Modern cancer therapies, whether surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, antibody and possibly anti-hormone therapy often have undesirable side effects. Wishing to be rid of these side effects, the patients come to Chinese medicine practices. Find here books and videos of cancer treatment.