Books on taping in the Chinese medicine

Acutaping books are available for both therapists and patients. Here you will learn everything about the use of tapes, kinesi tapes and lattice tapes in the context of TCM. A good akutaping book is Aku-Taping by Hecker. Aku-Taping by Hecker, Liebchen is a therapist’s book that incorporates the practice-relevant trigger points. This reference book clearly and easily explains the practice and theory of the use of tapes. As a basis serve the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this tapeform, the acupuncture points are retracted in addition to the affected muscle and joint areas. The trigger points of the painful muscles are well illustrated and described in detail. On the double pages in the main part of each muscle, the tape, the trigger points and important acupuncture points shown.
Dolo-Taping is a further development of the well-known Kinesio taping by the Japanese doctor Dr. med. Kenso Kase. Thanks to many years of experience, the two authors were able to supplement this recognized pain therapy with elements from acupuncture, color therapy and the Dorn method. The result was a therapy with a holistic view of the patient and his complaints. Dolo-taping is a treatment concept in which the symptoms are directly alleviated from the causes. Muscles or muscle groups are covered with a flexible, applied to the skin cotton tape (plaster) in their course. This brings people back to their natural state of mind and statics, removes muscle irritation and often brings immediate relief from pain. The book on taping wirk for different forms of therapy and can be used to train physiotherapists, masseurs, doctors, midwives, occupational therapists and alternative practitioners.
For patients, there as also books available. Taping works relaxed, actively enjoying leisure time or simply lazing around – all this works best painlessly. But what if your back hurts, pulls it in the shoulder or pinches your neck? And: is there no alternative to painkillers? This taping shape makes your discomfort disappear quickly and safely. All you need are colorful tapes and this book. The band stimulates the movements of the muscles and joints and has a positive and completely without side effects on the blood and lymph circulation.