TCM for dogs and cats


Books and DVDs for the TCM treatment of cats and dogs

Balance of soul and body

Acupuncture for animals is based on the same principles and thought models of traditional Chinese medicine as for humans. According to TCM, a body is healthy if it is physically and psychologically balanced.
Finding the origin of the blockade

If there is a blockage somewhere, the therapist must find it and treat it with the elements of acupuncture, herbal medicine, manual therapy and nutrition or a combination of all TCM methods. Especially for chronic and acute complaints, back problems, arthrosis or inflammations acupuncture is used more and more because of positive experiences. The books by Eul-Matern, Akupunktur von Hund und Katze and the Taschenatlas Akupunktur bei Hund und Katze, which complement each other perfectly, are practical here.

The acupuncture points of the animals know…

For the treatment of small animals with acupuncture, the TCM veterinarian must know where the acupuncture points are on the dog, cat, etc. These acupuncture points for dogs can be found in the pocket atlas Acupuncture for dogs and cats by Dr. Eul-Matern from Sonntag Verlag.

… and understand their effect

There you will also find details about the effect of the points, as well as special point combinations, stitch depth and other descriptions. You will also find information about the meridians and where they run. Everything that helps the four-legged friends with TCM can be found here.