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Western herbs books (TCM)

Books and other media on Western herbs

A healing system that has existed for over a century

Western herbs are often used in TCM therapy. Here you will find books about individual herbs (Materia Medica) and their use in Western formulations. The concept of Jeremy Ross or Florian Ploberger, to use the medicines used in this country according to the criteria of Chinese medicine, is trend-setting. Combining a healing system that has existed for more than a century with the current scientific findings of rational Western phytotherapy is far more than just a transcultural achievement in Chinese medicine. Therapy safety, practicability and last but not least ecological aspects are convincing arguments for the concept “Western Medicines and Chinese Medicine”.

Adapting to individual requirements

Jeremy Ross describes in detail over 300 Western formulations and well over 800 modifications that can be used to adapt Western formulations to individual patient needs. The “guard rails” of therapeutic practice are clinical indications such as traditional Chinese syndromes. Here, too, the consistently integrative concept is evident. Over 15 chapters, structured according to Western indication groups, the reader is quickly led to a choice-indicating prescription by means of differentiation tables. Most of the tested and mentioned Western prescriptions are kept ready for dispatch by selected pharmacies.

Recipes for the different syndromes of TCM

Every therapist can only benefit from the author’s more than 20 years of practical experience. Recipes from western herbs by Ploberger shows recipes for syndromes of TCM such as kidney Yang deficiency or liver Qi stagnation described. In each of the syndromes, causes, syndromes as well as tongue and pulse findings are dealt with. The herbs of the recipes originate from Central European countries. For example, earth smoke, rosemary, milk thistle seeds etc. are used. A separate page is dedicated to each recipe. Case studies and a detailed index round off the book.

Looking up made easy

180 Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine by Helmut Magel, Wolfgang Prinz and Sibylle van Luijk is a very clear and easy to understand reference book for all TCM practitioners in training and own practice. The authors describe how to use western herbs according to the criteria known from Chinese medicine: To be able to judge taste, temperature behaviour, functional reference correctly and to use them therapeutically. 180 western herbs found entrance and are provided with short descriptions after the medicament groups of the Chinese medicine. The tabular format is used to quickly record and memorize the properties of the herbs. You can also obtain sample recipes for the most common diseases. Also the large book to western herbs of Dr. Florian Ploberger is absolutely recommendable. Materia Medica and Western recipes in one book! You can browse through the books and order online. The standard works are available as always.