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Videos about Tuina and Shiatsu applications

The traditional Chinese Tuina massage is the fifth element of TCM along with acupuncture, Chinese medicines, nutrition and Qigong. Shiatsu is the Japanese variant.

Tuina means pushing and pulling and is a Chinese form of massage. With some simple basic techniques one can quickly bring about well-being and relaxation. Tuina is often used for chronic pain, shoulder pain or back pain. The Tuina techniques can be learned quickly, although the application, similar to western massage, can also be painful.

In these videos Tuina and Shiatsu specialists explain the use of Tuina and Shiatsu. The video by Mrs. Rossi on the subject of Pediatric Tuina is often of great interest here. Since there are differences in the treatment of toddlers compared to adults, this video can be quite interesting.

Videos about the Tuina techniques themselves can be found on our Youtube channel.