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Western formula books

Formula books on Western herbs

Materia Medica on western medicines

Western medicines are often used in TCM therapy. Here you can find books by J. Ross or Traversier about single western medicines (Materia Medica). Books about Western herbal recipes can be found in a separate section. The book Western and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs by Ploberger describes the herbs available in the West as they would be described in China. Each of the approximately 150 herbs such as rosemary, basil, lady’s mantle, earth smoke, gentian, shepherd’s purse, lovage etc. are described with German and Latin names, thermal effect, taste and organ classification according to TCM. Indications and areas of application based on TCM are listed. An extensive index, a list of TCM physicians from Austria and international sources of herbs complete the book.

Books on Western and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Jeremy Ross succeeds with his book western and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs in a unique way to combine the two worlds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the rational, scientifically founded western herbal medicine to a conclusive therapy concept. This book enables every TCM therapist to practice Chinese pharmacotherapy – and thus the heart of Chinese medicine – with quality assured Western medicinal plants. It is Jeremy Ross’ great concern to optimize the prescription practice, the success of therapy and safety.

Applications, medicines and formulations with western herbs

The first part of the book explains the individual therapeutic aspects in detail, the second part consists of the actual Materia Medica with a total of 51 important drugs. The combination of the main effects with the individually required effect of additional drugs expands the range of applications beyond the limits of the individual remedies. Numerous drug pairs and detailed formulations are offered for differentiated application. If you are looking for an overview of Jeremy Ross’ entire system and a stringent excerpt from his practice, this book is a must.

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TCM with western plants from Traversier combines TCM with familiar medicinal plants. The user-friendly structure of this book allows you quick access: Based on the 5 elements and their organ systems, Part 1 describes different disharmony patterns and their phytotherapeutic therapy. Many recipes as well as tips on acupuncture and dietetics increase the practical benefit of the book. In Part 2, more than 130 monographs of Western plants are described according to TCM criteria, each commentary explaining the nature of the plant. New in the 2nd edition, the extension of the therapy approach by indicating the taste and temperature behaviour of the plants, 20 new plant monographs, all monographs supplemented by ingredients and sorted by Latin name.