Videos about nutrition (Five Elements)

Videos of the Five Elements of Nutrition in Practice

Chinese nutrition is based on the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The individual foods are classified according to their effect, temperature and tastes. Disharmonies or blockages can be eliminated with the help of nutrition and the body can be strengthened preventively. For this purpose, it is important to know how the food works, but also how it is prepared. There are also some basic rules of  TCM nutrition, i.e. how and when to eat, etc.

In addition to the Chinese dietary principles, a TCM therapist should always have some recipes available for the patient. You will find numerous beautiful cookbooks and recipe books in our shop.

In addition to information on TCM nutrition, these video lectures offer you concrete topics such as nutrition for women or nutrition for the elderly. You will also find videos on the subject of irritable bowel syndrome or osteoporosis. In addition to theoretical TCM nutrition basics, these nutrition videos also provide you with numerous practical tips. TCM nutrition offers a good alternative for everyone who wants to eat healthily.