Psychologic diseases

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Books on the treatment of psychologic diseases with TCM

Literature on psychologic diseases such as schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, insomnia, describe treatment with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. In The Psyche in Chinese Medicine, Maciocia details the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This work already offers practitioners and learners a sound TCM basis. Maciocia describes etiology, pathology and diagnosis as well as mental illness in general. Furthermore, he deals with the nature of the mind (shen) as well as the details of the other four psycho-spiritual aspects: body soul (po), intellect (yi), willpower (zhi) and wandering soul (hun). Their functions and connection with different clinical pictures are examined in more detail.
The diagnosis of the most common mental disorders and their treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs are comprehensively presented by Maciocia. The treatment of mental illness and symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, Pavor nocturnus, ADD / ADHD have their own chapters.
Maciocia illustrates each of the clinical pictures with succinct case studies from his many years of practice. In a separate chapter, Maciocia describes in detail the functions of acupuncture points in the treatment of emotional and mental disorders. This work is ideal for all therapists dealing with Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Psychosomatics in Chinese medicine by Splash, shows that body and mind – is an inseparable unit. Read how Psyche and Soma influence each other according to Chinese medicine criteria. And find out how you can best capture and treat your patients in their mental and spiritual dimensions. Find here lots of books on psychologic diseases and psychological diseases.