Body acupuncture

Books about body acupuncture

Body acupuncture

Books about body acupuncture, such as Fock’s learning cards body acupuncture are ideal for learning and include micro acupuncture, abdominal, hand, mouth, eye and skull acupuncture.
Maciocia’s Acupuncture channels shows that secondary channels  play a central role in many diseases.
Giovanni Maciocia explains in detail the connections between:

  • Pathway
  • organ systems
  • Diseases and their therapy.

This book describes all secondary pathways in words and pictures to make it easier for you to understand. For each pathway, the course, clinical applications, classical indications with quotations from original works, point descriptions and practical examples.

Various books on acupuncture

Acupuncture for midwives, obstetricians and gynaecologists by Römer is an easy to understand and clear book. Here the basics and practice of acupuncture are illustrated and described. See the localization of the points in the point atlas on photos and anatomical drawings.

In an additional chapter will be the topics:

  • Aku-Taping
  • Gua Sha Massage
  • Qi Gong and
  • Chinese Nutritional Science

are described.
Acupuncture, Poster & Point Selector by Stux includes poster and point selector the indispensable help in acupuncture practice. Three large coloured posters show all meridians and the most important acupuncture points of the whole body (head, trunk, arms, legs). So even acupuncture beginners can find the right acupuncture point at first sight. They are supported by the unique point selector. It considers the traditional rules and theories of point selection. Points of the Yin and Yang meridians are graphically highlighted.