Body acupuncture

Books about body acupuncture

Books about body acupuncture, such as Focks Learning Cards Body acupuncture are ideal for learning and include microacupuncture, abdominal, hand, mouth, eye and skull acupuncture.
The Anatomy-Atlases describe in detail according to location, stitch depth, postulated target structure, endangered structures in consistent orientation to the (model) WBO. All points are offered systematically, in the palpation memo, in the one-time in vivo preparation, in the special cross-sectional image and thus offer you the effectiveness of the third dimension.

Maciocia acupuncture meridians (channels) show that secondary pathways play a central role in many diseases. Giovanni explains in detail the connections between interconnections, organ systems, diseases and their therapy. This book describes all the secondary channels in words and pictures to make it easier for you to understand. Presentation of course, clinical applications, classic indications with quotations from original works, point description and application in practice.

Other books and videos here show the treatment of facial rejuvenation or Chinese scalp acupuncture as well as cosmetic acupuncture by Radha Thambirajah. This books shows the TCM approach to dermatological problems.