Acupressure books

Acupressure books for laypersons and TCM therapists

Here you find Acupressure books

These books show you how to get rid of pain by yourself. Instead of needling the acupuncture points you only press the specific acupuncture points by yourself. You have to know which acupuncture points you have to press for which disease. It is easy and you cannot treat them wrong or hurt yourself. Acupressure is easy to learn and will also be used in different variations:

  • shiatsu and (Japanese massage)
  • tuina massage (Chinese massage of the acupuncture points)

Acupressure is a treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here certain points on the body are stimulated in order to regulate blocked or blocked energy or to bring it into the right balance.
It has been used for more than 5000 years and helps:

  • Stress-,
  • Muscle,
  • Head and back pain

and can stimulate the energy.
As in acupuncture, the acupressure points lie on the so-called meridians. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the life energy Qi flows through the meridians. If the flow is disturbed or interrupted, the blockage can be removed by acupressure so that the Qi can flow unhindered again. The acupressure can be done by pressing, pushing, circling and can be applied by everyone himself. The whole path can be massaged, or individual specific points which are indicated in the individual symptoms can be acupresed. Acupressure books will show you how to perform acupressure and which complaints you are experiencing.


Different ways to use shiatsu and other therapies

Shiatsu therapy, which comes from Japanese medicine, also tries to release the energy blockage by applying pressure to the blood vessels. Depending on the body part, the pressure is exerted more gently or more firmly in order to unblock the blockage. Not only with physical complaints, but also with:

  • restlessness
  • sleep disorders and
  • mild psychosomatic disorders

Acupressure can be a good companion for the patient.

Tuina is one of the 5 treatment methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and belongs to the external methods. Like acupressure and acupuncture it tries to keep the Yin and Yang in balance. It is applied to the entire body using pressure, pushing and tapping techniques. The difference to the classical massage is that Tuina Therapy does not use oils and usually the patient remains attracted.
Also the EFT technique (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very effective method to solve emotional and physical problems using the tapping technique. It was developed in the USA in the 1990s. Here certain acupuncture points are tapped with the fingers in an exact order and special sentences are formulated. Therefore it is also seen as a kind of psychological acupressure. It can be easily learned by any patient with the help of the right acupressure books. In the book Heilende Punkte by Gach, for example, you will find numerous aids for self-treatment. If you want to know more about TCM, perhaps the book by Kaptchuk, The Great Book of Chinese Medicine would be something.