5 element nutrition

Bücher zur 5-Elemente-Ernährung

5 elements nutrition. The 5 element diet is an essential element in therapy with Chinese medicine. We have separated for you all the important 5 elements nutrition books in fundamentals of the 5 elements diet and in 5-Element cookbooks. However, some 5 elements nutrition books include both, fundamentals/theory and recipes. Therapists as well as patients can do a lot with a healthy diet. However, if you want to use the Chinese dietetics therapeutically, you should also visit our videocenter. Here, based on TCM diagnoses, nutritional therapies are derived. It also addresses food allergies and categorizes countless foods in their mode of action. In our video center you will find numerous practical examples and therapy examples for food allergies, nutritional tips for elderly patients, women and children. In combination with the right recipes, you can significantly improve the healing process. Give us a call! We are happy to help. But for general information this section 5 elements nutrition is the one to visit.