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Books about 5-element nutrition

Cooking books according to the five elements

What is 5 Elements of Nutrition

The 5 elements nutrition is, like the acupuncture, the herbal therapy, the movement therapy Qigong, an essential element of the therapy with Chinese medicine.

Basics of the 5 Elements Nutrition

We have separated for you all the important 5 elements books in basics of 5 elements nutrition and in 5 elements cookbooks. However, some books of the Five Elements Kitchen contain both basics / theory and recipes. Therapists know that patients can make a difference with proper nutrition in addition to TCM treatment. Recommendations for an introduction to the 5 Elements of Nutrition is the book of Pitchford, Healing with whole foods. These books are simply structured and explain the most important basics of Chinese dietetics. Here you can learn more about the therapeutic use of nutrition and how you can actively support your own therapy. So you can do something good for yourself and your family every day.

Nutrition for TCM therapists

However, if you want to use Chinese dietetics therapeutically, you should also use titles from Bob Flaws about healthy eating. Nutrition therapies are derived here on the basis of TCM diagnoses. Food allergies are also addressed and countless foods are classified according to their mode of action and therapeutic use. Find here books about Chinese nutrition.

Chinese Nutrition (Chinese Dietetics) in Practice

In our TCM videocentre you will find numerous treatment examples and therapy examples for the use of nutrition, also in connection with food allergies, as well as nutrition tips for older patients, pregnant women or children. In combination with the right TCM therapies, nutrition can significantly improve the healing process. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you.

5 Elements cookbooks – for healthy enjoyment

In the meantime, there is a veritable flood of good cookbooks on 5 elements of nutrition. Wonderfully illustrated with numerous useful additional information, these books show how easy and effective a healthy diet can be. Whether with or without meat, fish, vegan or specially for breakfast, lunch or evening, by season, for day after day or feast – there is hardly a genre for which there are no good 5 element recipes. Many of these books contain step-by-step instructions to help you cook according to the five elements. Most of the time, the nutritional ingredients are also available locally. If you enjoy cooking, this is the place to get your money’s worth. And the fact that food also helps to support the body in healing or prevention is another positive aspect for many. Often you will also find a nutrition table in the 5 element recipe books, where the nutritional components, effects according to TCM and use according to the 5 elements are shown. Since we are passionate chefs ourselves, we have tried many of the recipes from our books ourselves and can recommend you the best five-element cookbooks with many ideas for 5-element cooking.