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Philosophical texts

The basis of Chinese thought

The classical philosophical texts here describe the theses of Confucius or Laotse and form the basis of Chinese thought, such as Yin/Yang and the Five Element Teaching. The Way of Wisdom by Martin is a bold and original new presentation of the Tao Te King for anyone who wants to live in harmony with themselves and the Tao.

Tao Te King – Explore, go and practice it!

William Martin presents the Tao Te King as a living exercise path that countless people have taken throughout history, and he asks his reader not to study it. Explore it! Go! Practice it! This original presentation with an impressive introduction brings the Tao to life with enlightening clarity and coherence and opens it for lasting spiritual discoveries and insights. The Tao Te King, one of the most profound, popular and translated books in human history, has appeared in countless translations and versions. All these translations have their beauty and depth.

Discovering and Understanding the Nature of the Tao

But no modern translation has yet captured the essential tenor of Lao-Tse’s work as a practical guide to an awakened spiritual life.

Now William Martin, one of the best-known Tao teachers, has completely retranslated the eighty-one chapters of the Tao to reveal only two key uses of the Tao, the way to become clearly aware of the present moment and the practice of living in freedom and joy.Martin frames his new translation with corresponding two parts: The path that introduces the nonlinear structure of the Tao and its themes and the exercises that provide practical guidance for deeper exploration of the themes of the Tao. The new translation entitled The Tao forms the golden mean of the book.

Philosophical Texts: Creating New Perspectives

The famous physicist and systems theorist Fritjof Capra has for the first time systematically attempted to compare the statements of modern physics and Eastern philosophy in his groundbreaking work the Tao of Physics. He makes it clear in a convincing way that the consequences of the theory of relativity and quantum physics are much closer to the view of Taoism or Yoga than to that of conventional materialism. Philosophical texts stimulate the mind and help to see the world from different perspectives.