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Books and media on TCM diagnosis

Correctly derive TCM diagnosis

Diagnostic books from Traditional Chinese Medicine specialize primarily in pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and TCM diagnosis in general (such as facial diagnosis). Books on Chinese pulse diagnosis show how to recognize the different pulse patterns and which TCM diagnosis can be derived from them. The book Chinese Pulse Diagnostics by Heping Yuan and Florian Ploberger’s Pulse Diagnosis in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine are examples of this. In the latter book Ploberger gives an insight into the art of pulse diagnosis in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Everything about tongue diagnostics

Good tongue diagnosis books are characterized by excellent pictures and exact descriptions of the tongue and diagnosis. Barbara Kirschbaum’s Handbook on Tongue Diagnostics is also one of the most successful books on tongue diagnosis. Barbara Kirschbaum describes the analysis, theory and practice of the most important tongue signs. Another good book by B. Schnorrenberger is the tongue diagnosis in TCM. It explains Chinese tongue diagnostics and gives suggestions for acupuncture, Chinese dietetics and recipes for each syndrome. Books on Chinese tongue diagnosis explain these step by step and help TCM therapists to expand and improve their diagnostic skills through daily learning and training.

This is how you can read your state of health from your face

TCM diagnosis books in general also include books on differential diagnosis and various forms of TCM diagnosis. The most important book in this category is by L. Bridges with the title Facial Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. The book shows how to recognize the patient’s state of health from his face. Some videos by Lillian Bridges help with the implementation in daily TCM practice. In the online video and DVD Diagnostics and Therapy for Ovarian Insufficiency, F. Sulistyo gives a TCM talk about Differentiated TCM Diagnostics and Therapy for Ovarian Insufficiency at the TAO Congress 2012. The online video is available in our video center.

Books on various diagnoses

In addition to the mentioned books on tongue, pulse and diagnosis in general, there is also the so-called Hara diagnosis (abdominal wall diagnosis). The only reference book on Japanese Hara diagnosis is by K. Matsumoto and Stephen Birch with the title Hara-Diagnosis, Reflections on the Sea. An online video by Stefan Englert on the subject of Chinese abdominal diagnosis can also be found in our video centre.