Korean medicine

Books on Korean acupuncture

Korean acupuncture has been around for about 300 years. Many elements of Korean medicine are likely to be familiar to TCM therapists. There are the 5 elements, climatic factors as written in Huang di nei jing, Shu points, ZangFu syndromes, meridians, and more. The SaAm acupuncture is a four-needle technique and was developed by a Buddhist monk. Korean medicine and its  acupuncture in particular is a well-structured system and can be optimally combined with other acupuncture methods. It is an ideal complement to classical Chinese acupuncture. They do the pulse diagnosis on both sides and are also using a kind of Hara diagnosis. The textbook by Dr. Choo and Dr. Brüch shows the basics of Korean acupuncture and the practical implementation options for clinical indications but currently only available in German. But it might be translated in English. This style is a great addition to the existing acupuncture styles and can be easily added.