General diagnosis

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Books and DVDs on General TCM diagnosis

Facial diagnostics for disease assessment

This includes books on TCM diagnoses, such as that of Maciocia, Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. The Kushi Manual of Far Eastern Diagnosis shows that BO-SHIN, Asian Diagnostic Method by Consideration, is amazing for Western people. The ancient knowledge that one can judge the state of health – even the psychological condition – of a person quite simply by looking at his face and body has been used by traditional Asian healers and families for millennia as a means of health care and disease assessment. Anyone can easily learn the basics of this diagnostic method.

The most important aspects of the art of diagnosis can be found on the screen at

This volume is a compilation of the most important aspects of this Asian art of diagnosis. In particular, it opens new, simple doors to preventive health care within each family. Lillian Bridges is a specialist in facial diagnosis. Let your videos show you the clues a patient’s face can give you.

The art of pulse diagnosis

The book Pulsdiagnose in der Chinesischen und Ayurvedischen Medizin by Ploberger offers deep insights into the art of pulse diagnosis. The authors describe pulse diagnosis from the point of view of two different traditional Eastern medical systems: Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Pulse palpation is of decisive importance for correct diagnosis.

A question of perspective

In this practice-oriented book all important aspects of the pulse are presented from the point of view of the different disease patterns. It conveys the technique of pulse palpation as well as the clinical significance of the classical pulse qualities. This book serves both beginners and experienced therapists as an important source of information. TCM diagnosis is a difficult field. The therapist must be able to interpret numerous symptoms and has a multitude of possibilities. Read here which ones.