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Qigong videos (Qigong basics and Qigong forms)

Learn Qigong forms effectively

Qigong has an excellent effect on body and mind. The best way to learn qigong is through practical practice. There are numerous exercises – for beginners as well as advanced Qigong practitioners. But when you are back home after the Qigong course, you have often forgotten many things. So it is all the better if you have a video of the Qigong exercise at home and can watch it again and again. The video center offers you such an opportunity. You will always discover something new in the qigong movement and feel something new. Go inside and experience how Qigong works for yourself – with or without Qigong music. Although there are Qigong clothes, a loose clothing in which you can move is actually enough.

The Chinese have known for a long time that Qigong with its breathing and movement exercises, meditation exercises and self-massages can also be used in therapy and prevention for active health promotion. In our video center you will find Qigong videos about cancer treatment (Chi Chi hoo/Guo Lin qigong), burnout treatment or especially for women, the women’s Qigong by Liu Yafei. Liu Ya Fei´s Videos are ideal for learning the Qigong exercises. Have a look at the trailers.