Basics of TCM

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Books and DVDs on foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and TCM basics

What belongs to the area of basic books of TCM?

Basic books on TCM are books on the 5 phases of transformation, ancient classics such as the Yellow Emperor, Shang han lun, Huang di nei jing, I Ching (the book of transformations), in which the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is explained. But we also see basic books, such as Maciocia’s, as the basis for training as a TCM therapist. These include textbooks by Maciocia, Fundamentals of TCM, Books on Symbolism, Chinese Astrology, Yin and Yang, The Great Book of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Ted Kaptchuk as well as studies on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zang Fu, Wu Wei and others.

The Understanding of Chinese Thought!

For us western thinking people the Chinese way of thinking is often a bit strange and not so easily accessible. But these books help us to structure our thoughts better. Here, above all, the Classical Antiquities by Prof. Dr. Thomas H. E. H. H. are presented.

His two books about the Yellow Emperor’s dialogues and his advisor are more up-to-date than ever with their contents, even after many hundreds of years, and also offer good help in questions of life today.

What the basic books offer you

These basic books offer interested people as well as therapists a much more intensive and partly new perspective on patients, complaints and therapies. Those who are still not satisfied with these books can have complex historical texts with modern comparisons explained to them in the video centre by some top speakers. The lectures by Josef Müller and Jochen Gleditsch deserve special mention here.