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TCM Basics Videos

The TCM has many facets and interesting elements. Whether these are meditations, topics of astrology or alchemy, or energetic healing.

The I Ching (alternative spelling Yijing or I Ging), the book of life may be a book with many seals for many. But Rene van Osten, Prof. Unschuld, Rochat de la Vallée and others can explain the contents of the old classics to us in a way that is easy to understand. Their videos enable us to understand the meaning of the Chinese classics and to project it onto the present day.

But also videos from health-related neighbouring areas help TCM therapists to think outside the box and to combine modern knowledge with old knowledge. For example, new findings from nutrition research, gender medicine, modern environmental diseases or other therapies, such as osteopathy, with new findings from fascia treatment.

But with all the good will of healing, the TCM therapist must also take care of himself. The video about the self-care of Claudia Focks from the soul should speak to many here.