Chinese herbs / Materia medica

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Books on the use of Chinese medicines (Materia Medica)

What is Materia Medica?

Chinese drug therapy includes a Materia Medica. Every TCM therapist who works with Chinese herbs has a Materia Medica about the active ingredients of the individual herbs and a corresponding recipe book. There are many books on Chinese medicines. The world’s most famous are from:

  • Bensky
  • Barolet
  • Clavey
  • Volker Scheid.

This Materia Medica is for:

  • therapists
  • pharmacies
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers
    as well as for the TCM herb training the leading standard work.


Various advisers to the Materia Medica

The book describes over 500 Chinese medicines with effects and contraindications. We have the Recipe book Formulas and Strategies and some other interesting books like from Wiseman, Yeung-Him-Che and Tang.