TCM-congress Rothenburg

Books and Videos for the TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2023
Here are some recommendations from us on this year’s topics.
This year’s main topic is “Correspondences of wood: awakening and creativity | stress and frustrations – effects on body and soul”.

Once again this year we will have a number of top TCM speakers (here are some names): Florian Beißner, Peter Deadman, Nora Giese, Dr. Ute Engelhardt, Dr. Hammes, Daniel Keown, Dr. Unschuld, Karl Zippelius, Andreas Noll, Yair Maimon, Udo Lorenzen, Gundula Linck, Wang Tianjun, Doninique Hertzer, Zhang Hui and others.

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View All 1–12 of 43

Books and videos about the TCM congress Rothenburg

TCM Congress Rothenburg 2023

Books and Videos from the TCM Kongress Rothenburg as Online Stream
The TCM Kongress Rothenburg of the AGTCM has been one of the largest and most visited TCM congresses in the western world for decades. International top experts report on their experiences in the treatment of numerous diseases and ailments with TCM.

From the TCM point of view, the transformation phase “wood” results in the treatment of the disease patterns and disorders that are particularly relevant in the current situation, which arise from stress and frustrations.

Let yourself be inspired by the diversity and possibilities of Chinese Medicine in 2023 and become part of the unique community of the TCM Kongress Rothenburg. Therefore, register now for the congress.

TCM online congress – TCM seminars online
You have the chance to watch previous congresses as video and expand your knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner: Choose your personal specialty from hundreds of lectures on acupuncture, drug therapy, Tuina massage, nutrition/dietary and Qigong/Taiji and get inspired by the numerous speakers from home.

The recordings of the lectures and seminars of the TCM Congress are available at any time and can be obtained from the media library at naturmed (naturmed-tv).

Own TCM Kongress Rothenburg website

we have created our own TCM Kongress Rothenburg website for you. Here you will find the books of the speakers and also a pre-selection of titles on the corresponding congress topics, including acupuncture and Tuina massage from naturopathy. Of course, we also look forward to welcoming you at our large exhibition stand at the congress.