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The Cultivation of Qi

Medical Qigong is a combination of the classical TCM and the practical practice with Qigong in relation to various symptoms and illnesses. The focus is on the cultivation of Qi, i.e. working with one’s own energy.

A brief insight into the history of Qi

Already in the Jin Dynasty (265 A.D.) Daoist monks were encouraged to start the day with Qigong. Also in the old health books the health-maintaining Qigong was pointed out again and again. Medical Qigong consists of 2 parts: the prevention and the healing of diseases.

Qigong as a therapy method

Qigong is also used alone or in combination with other forms of TCM therapy, such as Tuina massage or acupuncture.

According to the symptoms to be treated, qigong forms are selected to support the patient in the physical and mental healing process.

What does medical Qi-Gong include?

Medical Qigong contains numerous theories from the classical TCM, such as Ying-Yang 5-Element-Teaching, Zang fu-Meridian-Teaching and the Qi-Blood-Theory. Around 1950, research into the effects of Qigong was intensified. Since then there is more and more evidence about the physical and psychological effects of Medical Qigong. It is understandable that there is also literature on this subject.