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Books on the foundation of TCM

TCM Basics Books: A must for anyone who is involved with TCM

Whether the guide of Chinese medicine by Focks or by Ted Kaptchuk, The web has no fever or other great books of the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine – we carry the most important TCM basics books. If you’re in TCM training, you’ll need books that explain the basics of TCM. What is a Qi weakness? What are Zangfu syndromes? How do you explain the five phases of change and what can you do with them in practice? What is I Ching (I Ging)?

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Some of the books here provide an comprehensible overview of the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A system of compelling logic, applicable to self-knowledge, in everyday situations and particularly valuable in medical practice: Not the disease but the patient with his individual problems and suffering moves into Focus.

Based on the ancient Chinese worldview symptoms such as pain, abnormal sweating, appetite and sleep disorders, inflammation and much more in the sense of TCM interpreted understandable and correlated with the modern medical understanding. For physicians, this is the first step towards the qualified use of TCM in Chinese syndrome diagnostics.

Therefore the interest in the TCM grows more and more.

The Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Ploberger shows how it has come about that even in countries outside of China has developed such a great interest in the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine? This development began in 1972. On the occasion of a state visit by Richard Nixon, one of the men who accompanied the then US President to China fell ill. This man had to be operated on. Unfortunately, he got an ileus (intestinal obstruction) postoperatively. This ileus was successfully treated with a method that was hardly known at that time in Western countries, acupuncture. Of course, this treatment success was a surprise to the president’s team. They wanted to learn more about the methods and TCM basics and were led by several hospitals in the company of numerous journalists.