Skin diseases

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Skin diseases in Chinese medicine TCM

The world of dermatology

Chinese Medicine for Skin Diseases by Stöger, is one of the few German TCM books on dermatology. There are some English TCM books on skin diseases such as psorasis, herpes zoster, lupus and many more. You will also find some excellent descriptions on the treatment of skin diseases with TCM in the book by Prof. Shen, Textbook of Autoimmune diseases.

Success through natural measures

The book by Stöger is a comprehensive, clear and unique guidebook for therapists on the various diseases of the skin and their treatment options in the sense of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Temporary complaints can thus often be successfully treated with natural measures, but even lifelong symptoms can at least improve with targeted therapeutic applications and some lifestyle changes, especially through targeted nutrition.

You can carry out the treatments yourself as follows

Many applications can be done by yourself and are then described in detail (e.g. different windings). Simple prescriptions complete the practical therapeutic offer. Al-Khafaji is one of the absolute skin specialists. In his online video about procedures for clarifying heat in dermatology, he shows how therapists can successfully use TCM.