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Skin diseases in Chinese medicine TCM

English TCM books about skin diseases are describing psorasis, herpes zoster, lupus and others. Dermatological diseases hard often difficult to diagnose and to treat. Many people suffer all kind of skin diseases and end up finally with a TCM practitioner and ask for help. As there are so many different symptoms most practitioners have rare experience in the treatment of all these kinds of diseases. Books can help you to find out better which TCM treatment would be the best.
The book Handbook of dermatology by Xu is a comprehensive, clear and unique approach to the diverse skin diseases and their treatment options in the sense of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Temporary complaints can often be successfully treated with natural measures, but lifelong syndromes can at least improve with targeted therapeutic applications and some lifestyle changes, especially through targeted nutrition. Extremly well structured is this book by far the best recommendation for therapists and the treatment of dermatological diseases.