Books about cupping (Ba Guan Fa)

Books about cupping in connection with Chinese medicine. This method is often combined with acupuncture treatment. It has an analgesic effect and promotes blood circulation. The most important representative is Chirali, cupping therapy in Chinese medicine.
The cupping method is a healing method that has been tried and tested for millennia and has a broad spectrum of applications, which has been further developed in recent years according to the latest findings in natural medicine.

It can e.g. in muscular tension, osteoarthritis, acute bronchitis, headache and indigestion, but also in sports medicine (for the preparation and follow-up of the muscles and in injuries) and for cosmetic treatment (for example in cellulite) are used. This guideline presents in detail the theoretical foundations and applications of the cupping method, structured according to organ systems. The authors are experienced practitioners a general practitioner, a specialist in pain medicine and a specialist in the field of sports and provide well-founded and understandable prepared information. You will also learn how to combine this form of therapy with other procedures. Common indications of obesity to cellulitis show you the wide range of possibilities of therapy. This book is clearly structured and contains numerous illustrations and treatment tips suitable for every clinical picture.