Chinese Astrology books

Chinese astrology books or Chinese also called bazi suanming describe Chinese zodiac signs, their personalities and the influences of the five elements – even when acupuncture is particularly effective. There are many books on Heavenly Stems and Branches Acupuncture. More and more acupuncture therapists recognize that the timing of the needle is quite important. The basis for this are the classics Huang Di Nei Jing, Nan Jing and Jia Yi Jing.

In addition to the acupuncture points, the knowledge of the Chinese calendar is important for the acupuncture treatment. There are good introductory basic books for Chinese astrology, such as David Twicken’s Chinese Medical Astrology, to very detailed astrology books by Peter van Kervel, Acuuncture Celestial Stems and Terrestrial Branches. Unfortunately, the book by Roisin Golding, the complete stems and branches is out of print, but can be well compensated by the above mentioned books.