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5 elements basic books

You only need a bit of a 5 element basic knowledge when dealing with Chinese dietetics.

These 5 element basic rules are e.g. the thermal effect, the taste and how to determine which food you need right now. So tomatoes are cooling. Therefore, if you freeze in the winter, it is not advisable to eat a tomato salad. In contrast, a cereal with cinnamon and cardamom warms, even if it was not heated.

From theory to practice

This is the theory – in the cookbooks section you will find the practice. Hasse’s book about the temple kitchen is a wonderful gift book with great pictures. The nutrition books according to the five elements shows how you can strengthen your health, love and vitality with joy and enjoyment and you can derive more health, vitality and joie de vivre from the daily meals. They learn the real causes of physical and mental imbalance, symptoms such as overweight, cold feet, tiredness and listlessness. And you will learn how you can positively influence such states by consciously selecting individual foods.

Learn more about the 5 Elements Foundation

And you will learn how you can positively influence such conditions by deliberately choosing individual foods. Regardless of whether you like to eat French or any other cooking, preferably eat outside, supporters of wholefood cuisine or vegetarians are. Nutrition based on the Five Elements is based on the millennia-old wealth of experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is made comprehensively and easily understandable to the Western reader with this book. Both laypersons, nutritionists and health professionals will benefit equally from the practicality and specific advice of this book. Learn to understand what kind of food do children need in order to be healthy and able to withstand the demands of today? Parents and all people involved with children will find in these books a nutrition guideline, which also helps to a holistic understanding of the physical and mental and spiritual development of the child.