Books on the treatment of allergies with Chinese medicine

Allergic diseases and their treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture has best therapeutic results.
Treatment of allergic and autoimmune diseases in difficult cases: While the standard texts still cool heat and move blood, most allergy  book moves a step further. The books Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, and the Fight Against Allergic Disease, by Xiu-Min Li and Henry Ehrlich represents a new and hopeful paradigm for treatment of diseases that are spreading globally as countries adopt Western lifestyles and standards of living.
It describes the phenomenal science and clinical efficacy of the work of Dr Xiu-Min Li across a broad array of immune and inflammatory diseases. These include food allergies, asthma, eczema, new diseases such as mast cell disorders, obesity, and mental health problems that are part of a worldwide epidemic of progress.
The most allergic people are caught in a cycle of medication, steroid dependency, emergency hospitalization, and curtailing their activities and diets to avoid triggers. Children are losing their childhoods. A guide to fight against allergic diseases and to restore the health of the immune system.