Allergy TCM books

Books on the treatment of allergies with Chinese medicine

The therapeutic success of allergy treatment

Allergy treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture has the best therapeutic results. The TCM book by Wullinger about allergy treatment is recommended here. Michael Wullinger informs you practice-oriented about the most important allergic diseases in his book Allergy Treatment in Chinese Medicine. From the diagnosis after TCM criteria, over clearly formulated therapy strategies up to prophylactic measures, no question remains open. Clarification through case studies. The new edition was extended by numerous case studies and newest study results.

Detailed presentation of the results

Treatment of allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases in difficult cases: While the standard texts still cool heat and move blood, this book moves one step further: After the otherwise nowhere presented results of modern pharmacological research in lists and tables are presented in detail, the introductions to the diseases in ordinary TCM follow and afterwards the appropriate comments from the fire school and the cases of this effective tradition.
Allergies of the skin and mucous membranes, food allergies, multiple sclerosis, borelliosis, rheumatic forms, M. Crohn, Hashimoto, sarcoidosis are explained in detail. Indispensable for advanced students!

Solution in sight!

Allergies and Immune System by Kushi presents the holistic view for the solution of allergic problems, based on a natural diet and lifestyle. This book combines scientific research on allergies with the extensive use of macrobiotic health advice on how to prevent, limit and overcome allergies without medication. The authors present a holistic approach and a wealth of practical advice on how to strengthen the body’s natural defences through nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. It shows special treatments for problems such as hay fever, skin rashes, food allergies and asthma. Clinical studies, epidemiological studies and personal accounts explain the effects of macrobiotic treatment of allergies.

How to increase resistance to any allergens

The book provides numerous recipes that serve to strengthen the body’s natural immune system and increase resistance to a wide variety of allergens. Individual meals are described for individual forms of illness. In addition to an introduction to macrobiotic cuisine, the authors give extensive tips and instructions that are needed to put together delicate, health-promoting menus from natural ingredients. Physical exercises, environmental factors, emotional and psychological problems, as well as interpersonal relationships are included in this holistic approach. Allergies and Immune System is not only written specifically for allergy sufferers, but also as a guide to restoring the health of the immune system.