Ear acupuncture

Books about ear acupuncture

Here you will find everything about literature and DVDs about ear or Auricular acupuncture.

In the guide ear acupuncture of Angermaier you will find all French and Chinese points in a book. You can see the localization and indication on a double page for quick orientation. Here you will find tips for finding points, needling, and laser therapy on the ear. Many point recommendations for the pain treatment of pain and many other diseases.

The interested TCM therapist will find here strategies and concepts for finding acupuncture points on the ear, a complex and holistic view and treatment of the three cotyledon levels – ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm diagnostics, indications and contraindications. Furthermore, these workbooks contain explanations on the instruments and the handling of needles, tools and equipment. Optimal for all ear acupuncture and TCM practitioners.

The new ear acupuncture book by Dr. med. Beate Strittmatter contains all acupuncture points with indications for western and TCM diagnosis. It contains all the complementary points of the ear. The photos and drawings of the acupuncture points shown help in finding the acupuncture points. The excellent quality of the photos, drawings and illustrations makes this textbook worth reading for anyone who wants to learn ear acupuncture. Also topics like RAC and laser acupuncture are treated. In this textbook you will find everything you need for an acupuncture training in knowledge. The therapy concepts are comprehensive and practical. The book is suitable for both beginners and experienced therapists due to its two-level system. You will find many good practical tips and are also up to date in the theory of ear acupuncture. The structure is based on the ear acupuncture courses and complies with the guidelines of the German Academy of Acupuncture and Auriculomedicine.