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Phytotherapy with Chinese herbs for practioners

Phytotherapy with Chinese herbs

Books on Chinese herbal medicine describe the selection and use of Chinese herbs in practice.
Ploberger’s Chinese herbal medicine explains the functions of individual herbs within a formulation and shows how one can adapt classical TCM formulas individually to the patient’s symptoms by adding or omitting certain herbs. There are many individual herbs in TCM. Only in a few cases is the treatment of a single drug successful. Combining several individual herbs into a single formulation is more efficient in most cases. It should be noted here that the effects of the individual herbs can complement, diminish and potentiate in a variety of ways through their combination. Florian Ploberger explains the creation of a TCM recipe in detail and practical. Due to the detailed description of the most important TCM single herbs available in German-speaking countries, the book is not only an important source of information for beginners and experienced therapists.

In this guide Chinese Phytotherapy by dr. Hempen will give you detailed portraits of the most important drugs in full nomenclature. These are arranged according to their function. The author describes the properties, effects, indications, combinations and toxicity of the drugs.Illustrative illustrations of the plants and the plant part used were included. In this second edition about 60 new medicines have been taken up in words and pictures. The drug pictures are organized according to clinical groups, which serves for quick orientation. The book contains about 400 Chinese remedies in order of effect. Each remedy is described according to the following criteria relevant to traditional Chinese medicine: temperature behavior, taste, effective direction, site of action, reference to function group, effect / indication, dosage, combination options, contraindications. There are special instructions for pregnancy. An extra chapter: Application of drugs in energetic dysharmonias in the field of functional circuits, drug use (decoction, powder, granules, medicinal wine …) It also contains a detailed register with systematic sorting of pharmaceutical, pinyin, German, English name and Chinese characters.