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In the TCM dictionaries you will find books about TCM terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their meanings. Dictionaries are available in both German and English. Ideal for learning is by H. Zhang and S. Guo, Fast Track to TCM Chinese: A Language Primer. This comprehensive textbook and DVD was written primarily for Western students of Chinese medicine. It helps to learn the Chinese language and contains basic grammar and vocabulary as well as help for reading and writing the Chinese language. The focus is on Chinese medical terminology. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with a solid foundation in TCM-related Chinese characters and phrase recognition so that they can devote themselves to other texts in self-study. This book contains inclusive an audio CD of MP3 files with many dialogs. The English book Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine by N. Wisenman and Ye Feng is also available.

Diverse guides on TCM dictionaries

This handy dictionary contains characters, pinyin, translations and definitions for more than 10,000 medical concepts, 2,000 formulas, drugs and 1,500 acupuncture points. Ideal for people who are less comfortable with the English language, we recommend the Han Trainer Pro TCM Edition by R. Stahlmann and H. Braun on CD-Rom. This is an interactive learning program for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, which consists of learning software and learning cards. All 361 acupuncture points can be learnt, queried and looked up including pronunciation, writing animation, Pinyin-sound transcription, modern spelling, meaning of the individual characters, meaning of the Chinese name and medical name. In addition, information about indications, medical application and location is available for each point. The Acupoint Dictionary by D. Hartman, in which he writes about acupuncture treatments from clinical practice for 85 patterns of disharmony and 100 signs and symptoms, is also recommended. Also ideal for TCM are the 5 volumes of Chinese Medical Characters Vol. 1-5 by N. Wiseman and Y. Zhang.