Books about Headache Treatment with Chinese Medicine

The different forms of headaches

Books about acupuncture treatment for migraine, headache and stress can be found here under our international TCM books and videos. There are several forms of headache and each must be diagnosed and treated individually. There are also some differences in therapy. As headaches are becoming more common in children, the talk about headaches in children may be of interest to you.

The treatment successes of Chinese medicine

A patient guide on headaches and migraines is currently being written by Andreas Noll. With trigger point therapy for headaches and migraines by Valerie DeLaune you will learn more about possible causes and receive many helpful tips for self-help.



What are trigger points?

DeLaune explains what trigger points are and how trigger points should be treated. Some of these triggers are only pea-sized muscle cramps. What role these points play in the development of headaches is examined. You will also learn how and why the triggers are caused, for example, by dietary factors, poor posture, stress, sleep disorders, acute or chronic illnesses. An ideal workbook for self-treatment and pain relief.