Books about Headache Treatment with Chinese Medicine

Books about acupuncture treatment for migraine, headache and stress can be found here in our international TCM books. There are several forms of headache and each one needs to be individually diagnosed and treated. Also with regard to the therapy there are some differences.

Currently, a patient advisor is writing on the topic of headaches and migraines, which shows why it is precisely the Chinese medicine here can show good treatment success.

With Valerio DeLaune’s trigger point therapy for headaches and migraines, learn more about possible causes and get helpful tips on self-help. DeLaune explains what trigger points are and how to treat trigger points. These triggers are sometimes only pea-sized cramps in the muscles. The role of these points in the development of headaches is highlighted. You will also learn how and why the triggers develop, for example, through diet-related factors, unfavorable postures, stress, sleep disorders, acute or chronic illnesses. An ideal workbook for self-treatment and pain relief.