Books about Meridians and channels

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Books about meridians and channels

The channels of acupuncture are important basic knowledge of Chinese medicine. Books such as the Extraordinary Vessels of Kirschbaum or Lorenzen Mikrokosmische Landscapes and Maciocia Channels explain the functioning of the meridians.
The secondary channels play a central role in many diseases. Giovanni Maciocia explains in detail the connections between interconnections, organ systems, diseases and their therapy. This book describes all the secondary channels in words and pictures to make it easier for you to understand. For each pathway presentation of course, clinical applications, classic indications with quotations from original works, point description and application in practice. The book by Ross on the theory of Zang-Fu organs describes the doctrine of the Zang organs and the Fu organs and two extraordinary organs in close association with the 5-element doctrine. The Zang Fu of Ross with its organ systems is at the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For the successful application of TCM, a thorough understanding of Zang Fu is essential. This work creates a clear, structured basis for a theoretical understanding of Zang Fu, its functions and patterns of disruption. It deals with the interaction of Zang Fu with each other, with their relations to the substances, the Jing Luo, the tissues and the causes of the disease. The book clarifies, i.a. Even with the help of many schematic illustrations, the interrelated interrelationships of Zang Fu in their complexity clarify difficulties and ambiguities. Focus is the clinical application of the theory of Zang Fu. Many tables, diagrams and case studies illustrate how to apply the theoretical principles in practice. The author studied and practiced both in Canton and Nanjing as well as in England. Through his many years of teaching experience in both conventional medicine and TCM, he has been able to provide clarity in many areas that seem ambiguous or particularly difficult for Western readers. Zang Fu is an important piece of work for anyone who wants to engage in intensive study and practice of TCM, especially for advanced acupuncture practitioners.