Basic TCM textbooks

Basic textbooks for acupuncture

Here you can find TCM textbooks about acupuncture like Wisemam´s Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture or basic books about meridians and acupuncture points. These books help you to understand the way of needling and show you different needling styles. There is a lot of experience needed to learn acupuncture. But with the right literature it will be easy to unterstand how to needle right.


Within the TCM textbooks is another very special about segmental acupuncture from Wancura. It is about neural therapy and layer acupuncture. Segmental acupuncture is needed for different acupuncture styles as well as neural therapy or manual therapies.

Further TCM textbooks you can find in the general TCM section or in the section about Japanese or Korean acupuncture. Feel free to visit our videocenter with hundreds of TCM and acupuncture videos.