TCM for horses

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Books, DVDs and other media for the TCM treatment of horses

Acupuncture points and meridian plates for horses

Books about acupuncture points and meridian plates for horses. The treatment methods for horse acupuncture and veterinary TCM are similar to those for humans. There is kinesiotaping as well as pure acupuncture, ear acupuncture and laser acupuncture.

The different treatment methods for horses

The horse acupuncture books show different treatment methods, which acupuncture points must be treated for which horse diseases and supplement these with case studies. The meridian charts for acupressure by Traffelet give a good overview of where the acupuncture points are located.

Knowledge on the move

The pocket atlas of acupuncture for horses combines the localization of points with descriptions of the acupuncture points. Many of the books are written for veterinarians and veterinary practitioners.

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But there are also some that a horse owner and rider could get along well with. You can recognize this by the division of the literature into beginners, advanced and professionals. Füchtenbusch’s laser acupuncture books are the leading ones. They are excellent examples of how veterinarians should use laser therapy on horses. Horse acupuncture has meanwhile become a broad spectrum and is popular with many horse owners.