Tongue diagnosis

Books and DVDs on Chinese tongue diagnosis

Representation of the most important tongue drawings

Good tongue diagnosis books, such as Kirschbaum´s Handbuch Zungendiagnostik (formerly Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis), are characterized by excellent images, accurate description of the tongue and diagnosis.
The manual tongue diagnostics of Barbara Kirschbaum is the advancement of the work actually published in two volumes and represents a singular summary of theory and practice of the analysis of the most important tongue drawings.

Introduction to the world of tongue diagnostics

The short introduction contains the basics of tongue diagnostics as well as the topography of the tongue. Subsequently, in the chapters, the tongue signs are individually illuminated in the event of disturbances in the various functional circuits. Kirschbaum also addresses relevant topics such as blood stagnation and heat diseases. In addition possible difficulties with the interpretation of tongue coatings. On the basis tongue examples and case representations the specific tongue signs are explained in detail and in detail and illustrated with approximately 237 colored illustrations. With the help of detailed indexes you can quickly find your way around and quickly find and assign the tongue signs. From our point of view it is the best tongue book on the market.

The Historical Development of Tongue Diagnostics

Giovanni Maciocia takes up all important aspects of the tongue (colour, shape, coating) in tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine and looks at them from the point of view of the various disease patterns, discussing the diagnostic procedure in detail. In addition, you will receive information about the historical development of tongue diagnostics. Maciocia will highlight the role of the development of theory and practice in Chinese medicine. Numerous illustrations are contained in the texts. Maciocia has included these in his own practice. On these you can see numerous different types of tongues which you will find in the western clinical everyday life. The respective patient histories are listed so that you can better understand the practical application of tongue diagnostics and integrate it into your everyday practice.

Origin of the basic diagnostic methods

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tongue diagnosis and pulse examination are basic diagnostic methods. This book provides you with basic and practice-oriented information on tongue diagnostics. It is particularly suitable for all learners and practitioners with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tongue pictures offer diagnostic and therapeutic information

Recognize specific tongue signs and derive the therapy from them: This pocket atlas by Schnorrenberger shows you how this works. From findings directly to therapy: A clearly structured double page provides you with diagnostic and therapeutic information in the main part on a specific tongue image. These are followed by therapy information on acupuncture, Chinese phytotherapy and dietetics. You benefit from the clear didactic benefit: The individual parts of the book are designed in such a way that you can check yourself again and again. The diagnostic criteria already learned are highlighted in colour in the clinical-therapeutic section and ideal for an immediate knowledge test.